The Sree Narayana Educational Society was established by a group of enthusiastic men under the leadership of Prof. S. Sivaprasad, formerly Principal, Sree Narayana College, Kollam. All the persons associated with this organization were instrumental in the successful establishment of the erstwhile Sree Narayana Open University,from which a large number of students from the length and breadth of Kerala got selected for professional courses in 1980. It was this rich experience in educational management that prompted the establishment of the Sree Narayana Public School, Vadakkevila, Kollam. Sree Narayana Educational Society was established in 1986 as a charitable society devoted to educational and cultural activities. The emergence of the Sree Narayana Public School has changed the secondary school scenario in Kollam city and neighbouring places. From its inception in 1987, the school was able to carve out a special place of pride in educational activities, and a large number of students got the opportunity to scale heights of glory and achievements through the school. Most of them are either well-placed as technical or medical professionals or pursuing their studies in national and international institutions. The growth of this institution was quite phenomenal.

Sri. M. L. Anidharan


Prof. K. Sasikumar


Prof. G. Suresh


Sri.Krishna Bhadran M


Er. Ajay. S

Joint Secretary

Prof. Jayapalan

Academic Committee Convener

Members of Executive Committee

  • Sri. Dathan T.D.
  • Prof. Premkumar R.
  • Sri. Rajkumar D.
  • Sri. Naresh Narayanan J.
  • Sri. Sunilkumar A.
  • Sri. Rafi Kambisseri
  • Sri. Prasad D.
  • Sri. Shirish Kesavan
  • Sri. Sasidharan M.
  • Sri. Jayadevan S.
  • Sri. Rajeev V.B.
  • Er. Yesodharan S.K.
  • Dr. Ravindran G.
  • Sri. Gulnar Somarajan
  • Sri. N. Sugatha Rao
  • Adv. N. Sudhakaran
  • Sri. C. N. Somarajan
  • Sri. L. Sivaprasad
  • Sri. K. Balachandran